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Extra living space, extra sleeping space, extra eating space, extra storage space, a good awning adds an extra dimension to your caravan holiday. And you won't find a better selection than at Kenmore, ranging from the small porch to the latest styles - all at prices you won't believe!

We sell Isabella, Ventura, Blue Diamond, Dorema and Starcamp awnings. These can be despatched direct to your home or collected from our sales depot. Ask us to give you a quote, we'll do our utmost to be competitive.


When selecting your awning, you'll have a choice of material types and frame constructions. Which you choose will depend on your particular needs and circumstances, to help you, here's a guide to the most popular materials used today.

Awning materials

ACRYLIC This material is acknowledged to be the finest available for awnings. Highly tear resistant, rot proof, hard wearing and extremely colourfast, acrylic awnings will provide many many years of trouble free service. A number of models are now available in acrylic suitable for permanent site use.

Awning materials

ALUMINIUM FRAME Extra lightweight, with most types jointed for easy assembly. Ideal for summer use and the weight-conscious caravanner.

Awning materials

POLYESTER Lightweight, hard wearing material. Polyester will not rot, is easy to dry and combines some of acrylic's strength with breathability.

Awning materials

GLASS FIBRE The state-of-the-art system for today's awnings, lighter than steel yet stronger than aluminium, glass fibre combines the best features of all other available materials.

Awning materials

STEEL FRAME As an all round performer, steel is hard to beat. Very strong, easily returned to shape if bent and relatively inexpensive, this is by far the most popular frame system available.

Awning materials

BRACKET PADS All our awnings can be supplied with bracket pads - so there's no need for any screwholes in your caravan - your new awnings ready to go from day one!

We keep a comprehensive stock of awning accessories and spare parts and are happy to order anything you require if it's not a stock item.

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